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Bloodborne The Old Hunters: Everything you need to know

The PS4-exclusive from the developers of Dark Souls has finally gotten its first expansion. Here's how to access it and what you'll find inside.

The Old Hunters, the first expansion for Bloodborne is out Tuesday, November 24. But if you want to know what you're getting into beforehand, check out our guides below to see how it works, what's new, and a few of the cool things you can find.

How to Access the New Game's Nightmare World

If you've already spent some time in Bloodborne and you want to jump right into The Old Hunters, it takes a little more work than just downloading the expansion and selecting it from a menu. Check out this post for the step-by-step guide to accessing the new content, or follow along with our instructional video below:

Check Out the New Weapon Types

The Old Hunters is more than just a new area to explore; the expansion also adds the Whirligig Saw, Holy Moonlight Blade, Simon's Bowblade, the Boom Hammer, the Bloodletter, a gatling gun, a shield, and more. We put together a separate guide revealing how to unlock the Holy Moonlight Blade, if you want to add this impressive blade to your arsenal. But check out our montage of all the new weapon types in the video below.

Check out the New Armor Sets

And you can't add more weapons without also adding more armor. Here's a montage of the new outfits you'll find in the expansion.

Unleash Beast Mode

Beasthood has been a mysterious stat in Bloodborne since the game first released, but now we know exactly what it does. Follow our guide in the video below to unlock your character's full "beast mode" potential and learn how to turn into a feral, wolf-like creature.

And read our full review of the Bloodborne: The Old Hunters here.