Magician's DEAD is a crazy arcade game that's actually coming to the US

Magician's DEAD is a beat 'em up game where you use motion controls to burn, slash and shoot your enemies down.

Adam Bolton
Adam Bolton is a contributor for CNET based in Japan. He is, among things, a volunteer, a gamer, a technophile and a beard grower. He can be found haunting many of Tokyo's hotspots and cafes.
Adam Bolton
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Magician's DEAD isn't your ordinary beat 'em up arcade game. It's not about tapped combos or how fast you can rotate the joystick -- it's about how nimble you are with your own hands.

And, unlike a lot of crazy new arcade games from Japan, it's actually playable in (some) US arcades.

To play the game, you'll use a combination of a Wii Nunchuck-like controller and a Leap Motion motion-detecting sensor at the front of the cabinet. The controller is for movement, while the sensor is for combat. You use gestures to attack and pick up objects such as cars, shipping containers and statues to use as projectiles. You can see a demo of the game above.

The more interesting uses of the motion sensor comes from each of the eight characters' unique abilities. These include pulling two hands down to drop a barrier, drawing in the air to blast a wall of flame down and pointing your index finger like a trigger to shoot a laser beam.

The game itself also requires teamwork, for example, one character casts a moving tornado with a gestured clenched fist while another player can use their fire ability to turn the attack into a pillar of fire.

Magician's DEAD has just been made available in the US first as of September at eleven Round 1 locations across the country before a domestic release in Japan in October. For more information as to where the arcades are located around the US, you can find the recent announcement (in Japanese) here.