Best Last Day Steam Summer Sale 2022 PC Game Deals

This annual seasonal sale on the Steam platform usually means deep discounts on PC games.

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One of the great joys of PC gaming is that you can buy games from a variety of sources. Consoles like the PS5 or Xbox Series X, on the other hand, are controlled by companies that approve and control access to all the content on those platforms. The practical effect is that PC games are often discounted, with prices varying among different storefronts, including Steam, GOG and the Epic Game Store. 

Valve's Steam online store is currently having its annual Summer Sale, which runs til July 7. Yes, Steam has many other sales during the year, but this is one of the bigger ones. The sale ends at 1 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT) on July 7, so this is your last chance to pick up these games at these discounts (although many PC games do seem to be perpetually on sale).

With new GPU prices finally cooling off and the introduction of exciting new PC hardware like the excellent handheld Steam Deck, PC gaming is in a sweet spot right now. 

I've collected a handful of what I think are noteworthy deals. All should be available for the entire length of the sale, although you'd be wise to comparison-shop (using a tool like CheapShark.com) to see if other online PC game stores are offering even lower prices. And if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, check the ones you're interested in aren't included in that.

The deals range from evergreen classics like The Sims 4 (which, yes, still has a big audience) to newer games like New World or Chivalry 2, although most are what you'd call midlist games from the past few years. This list is focused on games that I think are both interesting and have fairly deep discounts, with a few additions from my colleague Adam.

Best deals at the Steam Summer Sale

I'll keep digging around the Steam Summer Sale for more good deals on worthwhile games and update this list as needed. 

Originally published June 23, 2022, and updated periodically. 

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