Best gaming Twitter feeds

Video game publishers, developers, journalists and gamers are all merrily tweeting away -- here are our picks of the best industry figures worth a follow

Stuart Dredge
2 min read

With Twitter showing no signs of abating from the public eye, the games industry has been one of the first to adopt micro-blogging on a widespread basis. Publishers, developers, journalists and gamers are all merrily tweeting away.

Only some are actually interesting or valuable, of course. So who should you be tracking? Here's our pick of ten feeds worth the follow -- with potted summaries in less than 140 characters, naturally.

10. Ubisoft

Enormo-publisher keeps you up to date on new games, but isn't afraid to reply to fans. Tweets regularly.
Follow: @Ubisoft

9. Gameloft

Another publisher, but this time for mobile and iPhone games. Mixture of announcements and customer service.
Follow: @gameloft

8. Michael French

Well-connected editor-in-chief of industry publications Develop, MCV and CasualGaming. Insights and gossip in equal measure.
Follow: @Michael_French

7. Sean Baptiste

Community manager for Harmonix, the developers behind Rock Band. A great look behind the scenes of top music game.
Follow: @HarmonixSean

6. Naughty Dog

Developer of Uncharted 2, the recent nova-hot game for the PS3. News and interaction with fans of its games.
Follow: @Naughty_Dog

5. Electronic Arts

Overall Twitter feed for EA -- although a UK-specific one is also available. News, contests and tutorial links aplenty.
Follow: @electronicarts

4. N'Gai Croal

One of the premier US gaming journalists, Croal works for Newsweek and tweets about games among other subjects. Follow: @ncroal

3. Microsoft Xbox

Your first port of call for tweets on everything 360-related, including special offers and new Xbox Live Arcade games.
Follow: @Microsoft_Xbox

2. Sony PlayStation

And the major rivals, offering a similar mix of promotional tweets, but also regular replies to gamers tweeting questions.
Follow: @SonyPlayStation

1. FragDolls

More than a million followers for an all-girl pro-gaming team? Chaps, come on! But this feed is also popular for its regular news links. Honest.
Follow: @FragDolls