Battlefield 1 Xbox One S bundles on the way, HDR support coming through patch

Microsoft's partnership with EA for the WWI shooter includes Battlefield 1-themed system bundles.

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Microsoft today announced new Xbox One S bundles themed around EA's Battlefield 1. Microsoft is a co-marketer for the game, so the announcement of these bundles come as no real surprise.

The first bundle offers a white 500GB system with a digital copy of the game for $300. Additionally, there will be another 500GB bundle that comes with a "Storm Grey" 500GB Xbox One S and the game. This $300 version will go on sale on November 1 only at Microsoft Stores and Walmart. That's more than a week after the release of Battlefield 1 on October 21, so this may not be the package you're looking for if you want to play right away.

Finally, the third bundle offers a 1TB Xbox One S with a "military green" design and matching controller, as well as a digital copy of the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition of the game. The package also includes DLC in the form of the Hellfighter Pack, the Red Baron Pack and the Lawrence of Arabia pack, as well as a "new visual appearance" of Behemoth vehicles. You can see a very brief glimpse of this in the video above. This console, which is priced at $350, will go on sale on October 18.

All three Battlefield 1 Xbox One S models come with a one-month subscription to EA Access.

Battlefield 1 is playable on October 18 for people who buy the Early Enlister edition ($80) or for those who have an EA Access membership ($5/month or $30/year).

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Another thing to note is that bundles sold at GameStop will come with a physical copy of Battlefield 1, if that matters to you.

It's also mentioned in the video above that Battlefield 1 will add support for high dynamic range (HDR) on Xbox One S through a patch. As announced at Sony's PlayStation Meeting last week, Battlefield 1 will also be patched on PlayStation 4 Pro to unlock HDR support.

A beta for Battlefield 1 wrapped up last week, while the full game comes out on October 21 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

In May, EA talked about how it thinks its co-marketing deal with Microsoft for Battlefield 1 will not turn off PlayStation or PC gamers. "This is a game for PlayStation as much as it is for Xbox as much as it is for PC," chief marketing officer Chris Bruzzo said at the time. "I don't seem any limiters to our ability reach a really broad audience of gamers across the whole shooter spectrum."