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Batman: Arkham Knight PC problems won't be patched until September, report says

Internal documents from Australian retailer suggest timeframe for patch release.

Fixes for the problematic PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight will not be available until September of 2015, according to Australian retailer EB Games.

Citing internal documents sent to EB Games stores, Kotaku Australia reports the game's publisher, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, has indicated updates for the game will be released in spring, which -- in Australia -- is September at the earliest.

"As previously advised, we have stopped sales of Batman: Arkham Knight PC while Warner and Rocksteady work on addressing performance issues with the game," the document allegedly says.

"The latest information from Warner is that the updates won't be available until Spring. Due to this we have made the difficult decision to recall all PC stock from stores to return to the vendor until an acceptable solution is released."

Neither Warner Bros. nor principal developer Rocksteady Studios has officially stated a specific date for when it plans to released updates for Arkham Knight on PC yet.

It is common for publishers to provide retailers with placeholder dates or rough estimates for upcoming releases. It may be that a similar approach is being taken for the reissue of Arkham Knight. GameSpot has contacted Warner Bros. for a statement on the matter.

Following its release, the PC version of Rocksteady's third -- and supposedly final -- entry in the Batman: Arkham series was revealed to be carrying significant technical issues ranging from sporadic freezes and frame-rate stutters to audio glitches and texture degradation.

After a high-profile backlash from PC players, Warner Bros. announced its decision to remove the game from Steam and store shelves. Developer Rocksteady released a statement saying it was also working on remedying the port's problems.

Alleged internal sources have claimed that Warner Bros. knew about the PC version's problems "for months," but dedicated resources to helping Rocksteady finish the console version, instead of the team working on the PC port. These claims have not been verified.