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April was another big month for video games sales

It was the "wildest" month ever seen for gaming sales data, NPD says.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake topped April video game sales.
Square Enix

Following a huge first quarter, video games sales continued to climb in April, according to a report by The NPD research firm, jumping 73% over April last year. Sales hit $1.5 billion for the month, beating the former US record of $1.2 billion set in April 2008. That figure includes software, hardware, accessories and game card sales for the month.

"This is by far the wildest one month of data I've ever seen," said Mat Piscatalla, a video game industry analyst with NPD. "We are talking unprecedented levels of spending and demand in the US market for video games."

According to CNET sister site Gamespot, Final Fantasy 7 Remake had a big first month and was the top seller for April. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare continued to sell well months after release and is the top-selling game of the year. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the No. 2 game for 2020. Overall, software sales hit $662 million for the month, topping the previous record of $642 million set in April 2008.

Hardware sales also did historically well, with hardware spending jumping 163% over the same year-ago period, to $420 million. And Nintendo Switch sales set a new hardware sales record, NPD said, beating the previous record set by Nintendo Wii sales in 2009.