Apex Legends solo mode is live, but players aren't happy with new loot boxes

Many were excited at first until they saw how much it will take to get certain skins.

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Apex Legends

A new ring of fire and solo mode are in the Apex Legends Iron Crown Collections Event out Tuesday. 


Apex Legends stood apart from other battle royale games by offering only one mode. Players had to team up in groups of three and battle it out until only one group remained, winning the match. That changed on Tuesday. The Iron Crown Collection Event, a limited-time event for season 2 Battle Charge, introduced a new solo experience. However, some players aren't happy with new "loot boxes" introduced for the event. 

Solo mode for Apex Legends is available for now only during the event, which runs from Aug. 13-27. Developer Respawn Entertainment said in a blog post that it's too early to tell if the mode will be permanent, but that it will "watch and see what happens." 

The Iron Crown Collection Event will also have a new town in Kings Canyon for players to battle in. The new section takes after one of the Legends, Octane. It features mega jump pads and a ring of fire. 

For sale during the event are Iron Crown Collection Packs with in-game currency at a cost of approximately $7. Each pack has a 50% chance of getting an epic and legendary item of the 24 available only during this event. Players will receive two free packs and can complete challenges to receive additional in-game currency. If they want a particular alternative outfit for a player's character, also known as a skin, they will have to purchase multiple packs for a chance to get one, although their chances get better the more items they unlock. There's also a special Bloodhound's Heirloom Set available for purchase only for those who have all 24 items. 

Players took to both Twitter and Reddit to react to this new loot box. One of the top comments on the thread explains why some players are unhappy with the packs. 

"So let me get this straight," the Reddit user said. "Only 60 120 crowns are earnable through actual gameplay, the rest need to be purchased through the packs, which are $7. So minus the two packs that you earn, you would need to spend $154 to open enough packs to unlock all of the collection items. Once you earn all of the collection items, YOU ARE THEN GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO SPEND $35 TO BUY THE BLOODHOUND HEIRLOOM?"

Also included in Tuesday's update were various character changes, weapon balancing and other bug fixes. Apex Legends is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

EA didn't respond to a request for comment.

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