Apex Legends Mobile Has Launched. Here's How to Download

The battle royale shooter is now available for Android and iOS.

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iOS and Android users can download Apex Legends Mobile.

YouTube video screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Apex Legends Mobile, a free battle royale hero shooter, is now available for download on Android and iOS. The app is free to download, but players may encounter in-app purchases.

According to Electronic Arts, Apex Legends is designed for mobile devices with its streamlined controls and optimizations for quality battle royale gameplay on a tablet or phone. So far, Apex Legends Mobile carries 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google Play with more than 60,000 reviews. In the App Store, the new game has 4.3 out of 5 stars and 3,400 ratings.  

Season 1 of Apex Legends Mobile launched with 10 Legends, including the mobile-exclusive Fade, a high-tech super soldier harnessing powerful phase-shifting technology. Right now, players can check out maps and modes like Battle Royale on the World's Edge map, 3v3 Arena mode on Thermal Station, Artillery and Overflow, as well as a new Team Deathmatch mode. Players will also be able to unlock rewards in the Season 1: Prime Time Battle Pass. 

Apex Legends Mobile plans to continue releasing mobile-only new content, Limited Time Modes, Legends, region-specific content and Town Takeovers.

Check out the trailer here:

How to download for iOS 

1. Visit the Apex Legends Mobile subsection on EA's website 
2. Click Download on the App Store
You'll be redirected to the App Store.
4. Click Get to start the download.

How to download for Android

1. Visit the Apex Legends Mobile subsection on EA's website 
2. Click Get it on Google Play
Once you're redirected to the Google Play Store, click Install. 

When I clicked install, the Google Play Store noted that the app was 2.7GB and asked if I wanted to wait until Wi-Fi was available or download right away. This message didn't appear when I tried to download for iOS. Apple lists the game size as 3.5GB, requiring iOS 11, iPadOS 11 or later. If you're downloading for Android, make sure your phone is upgraded to Android 6 or later. 

Respawn and EA announced Apex Legends Mobile in 2019 and began beta testing last year. The mobile game looks like it'll offer the same experience that millions of players have been enjoying since the Fortnite competitor launched in early 2019.

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