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Angry Birds Year of the Dragon trailer teased

An update to Angry Birds Seasons is on the way, and it's Chinese New Year-themed. Check out the trailer here.

Joe Svetlik Reporter
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Joe Svetlik
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An update to Angry Birds Seasons is due to land on Friday, according to a teaser trailer punted out by Rovio. And it'll tie in with Chinese New Year, which happens three days later, on 23 January.

It seems those green pigs are up to no good again…

The trailer -- which you can see here -- doesn't give much away. The green pigs are shown peeping through the floorboards a couple of times, eyeing up lanterns, eggs, and other goodies in an otherwise tranquil setting. A quite terrifying pig mask makes an appearance at the end too.

The description is similarly vague. "Squawk!" it reads. "Fireworks popping, lanterns glowing, red envelopes bursting with money -- it's Chinese New Year! But what are the pigs up to? Stay tuned for more!" So we could see more teasers before the week is over.

It's the latest update in the massively successful Angry Birds Seasons series. Previous incarnations include an Easter version, and ones for Halloween and Christmas. There's also a huge range of merchandise, playgrounds themed around the irritated avians, it has its own championship, and you can play it online using the Google Chrome browser.

Just before Christmas it was estimated the series had reached over half a billion downloads since launching in 2009. Considering Nintendo has sold about 260 million Mario games in the 30 years it's been making them, Rovio must be justifiably proud of itself.

Admittedly Angry Birds sells for far cheaper than a full console game, but it's a huge achievement nonetheless. And maybe a sign that consoles are on the way out -- with phones about to become quad-core, expect far more advanced games to come to your handset.

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