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Angry Birds Space blasts off on 22 March

There's a new version of Angry Birds coming next month, and it promises to be out of this world.

A new version of Angry Birds is on the way, and it promises an extra-terrestrial setting for the irritated avians. Angry Birds Space sees the birds take to the cosmos, in what could be the most out-there edition of the game ever. (Although the KISS version will take some beating.)

Rovio has only put out a teaser trailer, which you can see below, so details are pretty scarce. But we can take a guess at what to expect.

It promises a "quantum leap for birdkind", and this being space, we're expecting some new gravity effects, which could add a whole new dimension to the game. Or just make it much harder. It'd be a welcome addition though, as opposed to churning out what is essentially the same game with different backgrounds all the time.

There's an official website for Angry Birds Space too, but it's not really any more helpful than the trailer. The trailer is labelled 'Teaser #1' though, so expect plenty more where that came from. Hopefully they'll reveal more about the gameplay too.

Last month Rovio updated Angry Birds Seasons, adding a Chinese New Year edition. Previously Rovio has released versions for Easter, Halloween and Christmas. If somehow you don't have an iOS, Android, Nokia, Windows Phone or BlackBerry device, you can also play it online through Google's Chrome browser.

The game has a huge following worldwide, with more than half a billion downloads since launching in 2009. It has its own championship, and there's a huge range of merchandise, as well as playgrounds based on the game.

Will you download the Space version? Or does it need to do something pretty special to win back your interest? Let me know on Facebook, or in the comments below.