Amazon's New World reportedly bricking Nvidia graphics cards from EVGA, Gigabyte

Amazon Games' first massively multiplayer online game came out last week.

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This is what New World can do to some graphics cards
Amazon Games

During the New World beta test this past summer, a few testers with EVGA brand graphics cards saw them stop working. It appears the problem carried over to the live game, and it's not just one brand of cards anymore. 

Some New World players who had their Nvidia graphics cards stop functioning took to social media to lay out the problem, as reported on Sept. 30 by PCGamesN. Some people said cards died as soon as they were able to log in, while others reported problems after a few hours of play. The source of the problem is reportedly defects within Nvidia cards made by EVGA and Gigabyte, rather than any fault with the game itself. 

Among the cards having issues are the RTX 3090, RTX 3080Ti, RTX 3080, RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3000 laptop GPUs. Those affected say they've already begun the process of sending the cards back to the manufacturers. 

Gigabyte says it's investigating the issue and reaching out to some affected customers for more info. Those who have bricked cards can contact Gigabyte to begin the return process. The company advises customers to make sure to notate that the issue stemmed from playing New World. 

EVGA told PC World on Sept. 1 that New World exposed a soldering defect in some of the company's cards and that replacement cards were sent out to affected gamers. 

EVGA didn't respond to a request for comment. 

New World is a new massively multiplayer RPG from Amazon Games that launched on Sept. 28. So far it's been a success for Amazon's game development studio, with more than 900,000 concurrent players. It's only available for PC.