Alexa and Google Assistant support reportedly coming to Xbox One

Players can currently use voice control with Kinect or Cortana, but reports state support for Alexa and Google Assistant is incoming.

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Mark Serrels

Microsoft was one of the first to experiment with voice control, using Kinect and -- later -- Cortana but, according to reports, the Xbox One will soon support other voice-controlled devices and their AI like Amazon's  Alexa and Google Assistant .

A report Sunday by Windows Central states that Xbox One support for both devices is incoming.

And it makes complete sense. Currently users can control the Xbox via headset using Cortana, but post-Kinect that's as good as it gets. Given that smart speakers are becoming ubiquitous, it makes total sense. E3 is next week, so it's very possible that Microsoft might make some sort of official announcement then.
Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment.