Alan Wake II DLC, Night Springs, Will Be Available June 8

Remedy surprise-announced its first DLC for Alan Wake II, which brings back fan-favorite characters like Jesse Faden from Control.

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Alan Wake II was one of the best games of 2023, and though Remedy promised DLC would come, it didn't say when. At Summer Game Fest in Los Angeles, the head of the studio Remedy, Sam Lake, walked on stage and announced that the first of two Alan Wake II DLCs will be available tomorrow, on June 8.

The first game expansion, titled Night Springs after the TV show introduced in the original 2010 Alan Wake, will have three chapters. Each will star a different character riffing on another introduced in Remedy's games: the poor dimension-lost sheriff Shawn Breaker, superfan waitress Rose from the original Alan Wake and Jesse Faden, star of the game Control and new director of the Federal Bureau of Control.

At Summer Game Fest, Remedy unveiled a trailer showing all three in their own adventures, evoking Remedy's particular brand of strange and unique taste. Remedy fans will recognize Night Springs as the Twilight Zone-esque show that Alan Wake got his start writing for before becoming a big-name author. Appropriately in the Night Springs DLC, the characters will portray different versions of themselves, according to IGN.

Players who already bought the Deluxe version of Alan Wake II with the Expansion Pass will get access to the DLC for no extra cost, while standard edition owners can upgrade to Deluxe for $20.

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