Challenge 1: Create epic list of every video game ever made

A 4chan user sets up a Pastebin to make a list of every video game there's ever been. (Start arguing now.) But that's not where the fun ends.

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Twin Famicom controllers Bryan Ochalla (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The most comprehensive list of video games to date is in the process of being made. A crew of 4chan users, led by a chap going by the name "DATA_BASER" on Pastebin, has created what might possibly be a list of every single video game ever made, in alphabetical order.

At 91,736 entries, it includes PC games, console games, and Web browser games -- although we dare say it's missing quite a few mobile and Web games -- for example, we did note that a lot of entries from the Itch.io Candy Jam didn't make the cut. Since the original 4chan thread has been deleted, it's difficult to know exactly what the criteria were.

However, it seems that the list isn't an end unto itself. According to a form and a second list yet to be filled in by Data_baser, the list is just a springboard for a series of shared video game challenges. The form, which can be found here, allows anyone to submit a challenge.

It reads, "A general challenge can be applied to any game, like changing movement controls or playing with your feet. A game-specific challenge is specific to a game, such as changing certain game strategies and conditions which apply only to that game."

At any rate, you can see the list as it currently exists embedded below, and version histories on Data_baser's Pastebin profile.

(Source: Crave Australia)