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$40 Batman: Arkham Knight DLC pass revealed, offers six months of content

Extra content will take the form of "story missions, supervillains and more."

Warner Bros. and Rocksteady Studios on Tuesday announced a DLC Season Pass for their upcoming Caped Crusader game, Batman: Arkham Knight.


According to a message posted on Twitter, Arkham Knight's Season Pass will offer up new content for six months after the game's release in June, meaning through the end of the year.

This content will take the form of "story missions, supervillains and more," the developer said.

A subsequent press release from Warner Bros. reveals that new Batmobile skins, "advanced" challenge maps, alternate character skins and new drivable race tracks are also included with the Arkham Knight Season Pass.

A special Arkham Knight Premium Edition will also be available. This comes with the game and the DLC pass, and will be sold only through digital channels.

The Season Pass will cost $50, while the Premium Edition will run you $100.

Originally scheduled to launch in 2014, the new Arkham Knight release date is June 23 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Earlier this week, Rocksteady released a thrilling new trailer for the game that also confirmed it will have a Grand Theft Auto V-style character switch mechanic.