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£370 Xbox One Titanfall bundle sells out, matched elsewhere

Another retailer is offering the Xbox One Titanfall bundle for £370. Which is good, seeing as the original one sold out in just 24 hours.

The £370 Xbox One Titanfall bundle we brought you news of yesterday has already sold out. But don't despair -- another retailer has matched the price. Hooray!

Yesterday, Gamestop dropped the price of the Xbox One with Titanfall by £30. That's after Microsoft announced it was slashing the price of the bundle (and the console on its own) by £29 to £400. Gamestop may not have any stock left, but head to, and you'll be able to pre-order the bundle for the same price, to be delivered on 14 March.

If that's not enough, the Xbox One has had yet another price drop this week. The FIFA 14 bundle has also come down to £399, effectively giving you a free copy of the game when you buy the console. Amazon, Game, and Very are all offering the deal. The first two are in stock, but Very has sold out, so I'd advise getting your skates on.

While Gamestop didn't say if or when it would get any more stock of the Titanfall bundle, it did hint at future deals. "We will occasionally put irresistible deals on to surprise and delight our loyal UK customers," Gamestop Europe VP Niall Lawlor told MCV.

"This is one such offer. More to come."

The Titanfall bundle from is the same offered by Gamestop, so includes an Xbox One console, wireless controller, and Kinect sensor for motion gaming.

At £349, the PS4 is still cheaper than the Xbox One. So, hands up who thinks it's time that Sony cut the price of its next-gen games machine? Let's get this console war started good and proper.

Have you put in your pre-order? Or is your money on the PS4? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.