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2022 Video Game Release Date Schedule: The Biggest Titles Still to Come

We've entered the final quarter of 2022, which means many of the year's biggest games will start to drop. There's God of War, Pokemon and more.

Daniel Van Boom Senior Writer
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Daniel Van Boom
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A screenshot from God of War.
Enlarge Image
A screenshot from God of War.

God of War: Ragnarok hits PlayStation in November. 

Santa Monica Studio

The last month has seen a trickle of noteworthy games hit store shelves: Saint's Row, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and, on Friday, The Last of Us Part 1 Remake. That trickle will soon become more of a flood, as the final three months of the year are the most eventful of the year. There's God of War: Ragnarok, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, new Pokemon games, and much more. 

That's great news for gamers, who've had to deal with something of a games drought in 2022. The year started off hot with Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Horizon Forbidden West and eventually Elden Ring, which sucked up the industry's oxygen for at least a quarter. It's been slim pickings for the last four or five months, but that's thankfully about to change. 

Here are all the gaming release dates of 2022 you need to know, including the games which have been unfortunately kicked to 2023.

Splatoon 3

Release date: Sept. 9

A screenshot from Splatoon 3's trailer.

Splatoon's high concept is genius -- and extremely Nintendo. It takes the traditionally violent first-person shooter and flips it on its head. You're shooting paint, not bullets. You don't score points for shooting enemies, you score points by shooting the environment itself. Splatoon 2 is one of the Nintendo Switch's essential family fun games, though it soon may be usurped by Splatoon 3, which hits the Switch on Sept. 9. 

Overwatch 2

Release date: Oct. 4

Sojourn, Doomfist and Junker Queen standing under Overwatch 2 logo

Overwatch rules, we all know this. Overwatch 2 tweaks the format, making the squad-based shooter a 5v5 affair instead of the original's 6v6. It also adds co-op gameplay, in case you want to shoot with your buds instead of against them. The biggest change is that you won't have to pay to play Overwatch 2. Blizzard is shifting to a free-to-play model with battle passes and new content every season. Players will get a new hero or map every nine weeks, with the developers committing to updates in perpetuity. The hope is that the new model will combat the content drought that plagued the original. 

Overwatch 2 launches on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, the Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Release date: Oct. 20

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was a brilliant game, melding the two beloved franchises with surprisingly deep strategy gameplay. Sparks of Hope takes the cast of characters out of the Mushroom Kingdom and into outer space, though the scenery isn't the only change. The game will add a heavier dose of combat into its strategy gameplay, as seen in a recent trailer, but hopefully will retain the charm that made the first one so lovable. 

High on Life

Release date: Oct. 25

In a year filled with Gods of War and Calls of Duty, it's nice to mix some new IP in. High on Life is a first-person shooter devised by Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty. The trailer makes the game look exactly like you might think: a quirky, colorful sci-fi adventure. High on Life is exclusive to Xbox, though it'll be available on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S.

Gotham Knights

Release date: Oct. 25. 

Promo art for Gotham Knights.
Warner Bros.

The Suicide Squad game was delayed until 2023, but DC fans aren't completely out of luck. Batman is apparently dead in Gotham Knights, which means others need to fill the Caped Crusader's shoes. With no Batman, you'll play as Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood and Batgirl are in charge of protecting Gotham. This open-world RPG sees you play as all four chracters, each with different strengths and weaknesses, and encourages co-op play. It's out on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on Oct. 25. 

Bayonetta 3

Release date: Oct. 28.

Bayonetta 2 was a classic example of a must-play game not getting its due because it launched on the Wii-U. Bayonetta 3, its sequel, has a better chance of getting a true moment in the sun when it hits the Switch on Oct. 28. The hack-and-slash game looks absolutely bananas, as its predecessors were, though it may stumble over its incomprehensibility to newcomers. There are multiple timelines converging here, which means if you're new to the franchise you may have to do some YouTubing to make sense of some things. If it's as good as Bayonetta 2, however, that work will be worth it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Release date: Oct. 28

Artwork for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

It feels silly, at this point, to write a little blurb about what to expect from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It's the 19th game in the illustrious franchise, and takes the series out of Vanguard's World War 2 setting and sets it in... modern warfare.

If you like Call of Duty games, the next one is out on Oct. 28.

Sonic Frontiers

Release date: Nov. 8.

Sega is once again trying to make Sonic happen again. Bless them for it -- because nothing would please us more than Sonic Frontiers being a must-play game. It's ironic that the game is called Frontiers, since its big hook is that it removes barriers and lets Sonic roam an open world. Could it be the blue hedgehog's Breath of the Wild? Probably not, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun.

God of War: Ragnarok

Release date: Nov. 9

Enlarge Image

Kratos has the hardest job of all in Ragnarok: parenting a teen. 

PlayStation/Sony Santa Monica Studios

Ragnarok is a followup to God of War, one of the PlayStation 4's best games. There's a lot going on in Ragnarok: The world is potentially ending, Kratos is seeking the Norse God of War, and a very angry Thor is hot on his track. It's the second and final God of War set in Norse mythology and was originally meant to hit the PS4 and PS5 last year. It'll be one of the year's highlights if it can recapture the greatness of its predecessor. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Release date: Nov. 18

A screenshot of three Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The three starter Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet. 


Pokemon Legends: Arceus was clearly a pivot by Nintendo. It's no surprise that the next Pokemon games, Scarlet and Violet, adopt the real-time action template of Legends: Arceus -- but it is a big surprise that we're getting the new Pokemon games so soon. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet hit the Nintendo Switch on Nov. 18, about 10 months after Legends: Arceus. We don't know too much about the games yet, other than some sneak peeks into its starter and legendary Pokemon, but that's nothing a surprise Nintendo Direct presentation can't fix.  

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core Reunion

Release date: TBC (2022)

Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth is the long-awaited sequel to 2020's Remake, and will hit the PlayStation 5 next winter. To give fans a little something while they wait, Square Enix is bringing out a remake of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7. Crisis Core, originally released for the PSP in 2007, is a prequel to Final Fantasy 7, and focuses on Zack Faire, a mentor to Cloud Strife. The remake is a big deal because Square Enix has been uncharacteristically coy about remastering the game, or porting it to any other platform. If you've wanted to play Crisis Core in the past 15 years, you needed to own a PSP. That'll change with Crisis Core Reunion, which hits PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, the Nintendo Switch and Windows late this year. 

Delayed to 2023

Many games that were promised for 2022 have been delayed to the next calendar year. 

Hogwarts Legacy

Release date: February, 2023.

Enlarge Image

Hogwarts Legacy is one of many games pushed from its original 2021 release date. 

Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy is an ambitious game. It's open world, and set in 19th century Hogwarts, many years before the emergence of He Who Must Not Be Named and The Boy Who Lived. Harry Potter fans are understandably excited at the prospect of exploring a living, breathing Hogwarts, learning spells and taming magical beasts. Partially due to those high expectations, the game was delayed from its original 2021 release window -- twice. It's now set for a February, 2023 launch on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. A later release on the Switch is planned too.


Release date: First half of 2023

Enlarge Image

Starfield is "Skyrim in space."


Starfield was one of the most hyped games of the year. A new IP from Bethesda, creator of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, it's been described as "Skyrim in Space." But ambitious games take time. Originally slated for a November release, Starfield is now scheduled to hit Xbox One, X and S, and PC in the first half of 2023. 


Release date: First half of 2023

Redfall is a team shooter from the company that brought you Dishonored and Deathloop. It's centered around a zombie invasion of the town of Redfall, Massachusetts, and will be first-person, open world and best played with friends. The trailer hints at a game brimming with charm and character -- but we'll have to wait until 2023 to experience it properly. 

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Release date: First half of 2023

In 2021 the Guardians of the Galaxy got to shine. This year was meant to be the Suicide Squad's turn, but Kill the Justice League is now delayed until 2023.

Featuring the baddies from the recent flicks, including Harley Quinn, King Shark and Deadshot, you'll act as a team to take down the Justice League. The most recent trailer saw the Suicide Squad's attempt to neutralize The Flash. The dynamic combat looks extremely dope. 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Release date: 2023




It's the sequel to one of the best games of all time, and Nintendo said it would come out in 2022. We all knew, deep down in our hearts, that might not happen. In March it was made official: Breath of the Wild 2 is a 2023 game