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Zuckerberg: I can't wait for Google Glass

Facebook's CEO is a big fan of Google's tech specs, hinting his company could launch a host of social networking apps for them.

I'm pretty stoked about Google's forthcoming tech specs, and it seems I'm not the only one. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is chomping at the bit, telling Google's Sergey Brin, "I can't wait to get my own," Forbes reports.

The two might be arch rivals, but I'm guessing Zuck can pull a few strings in Silicon Valley and nab a pair before me.

Zuck and Brin were attending the launch of a new science prize they're sponsoring. Brin let Zuck road-test a pair of Glass specs too, which prompted the Facebook man's thumbs-up. He also asked the Google chief a few questions about the device, like, "Can you get indoor directions?" and the more pressing, "How do you look out from this without looking awkward?"

(Respectively, the answers were No, and You can't.) 

Zuck has a team of three Facebook engineers waiting for the Glass specs to be delivered so they can start making applications for them. Seeing as the Explorer editions should be heading out the door to developers soon, Zuck won't have too long to wait. And neither will the rest of us, as it looks like Google will have the finished consumer version on shop shelves by the end of the year

Yes, this year. Back to the Future 2 can keep its hoverboards and trainers with power laces, I want a pair of these. They shouldn't be too crazily expensive either, coming in at around a grand.

Zuck's enthusiasm is a little worrying though. The last thing I want as I walk down the street harnessing the power of the Internet is a torrent of status updates popping up in the corner of my vision.

How do you think Facebook could use Google Glass? Do you think social networking on the spectacles would be too intrusive? Will you be putting in an order at the end of the year? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.