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Zoku Ice Cream Bowl makes ice cream while you eat it

The Zoku Ice Cream Bowl consists of a stainless steel bowl and an colorful exterior sleeve. When ingredients are poured in, the prechilled bowl freezes them into a ready-to-eat sweet treat.

You scream, I scream, we all scream for homemade ice cream.
You scream, I scream, we all scream for homemade ice cream. Williams-Sonoma

Clamoring for a sweet treat has its rewards. When it's a cold treat that the vociferous multitudes are asking for, there are several options for immediate satisfaction (and silence). The closest is, of course, the freezer. All one has to do is reach in, grab a scoop, and quiet the sweet tooth that somehow drives the vocal chords.

For those with a more persistent craving that demands attention of a specific nature; i.e. flavor, there is more than likely an ice cream shop nearby, waiting to scoop out a cone of relief. But while the ice cream parlor may have scores of flavors on display ready to be served, sometimes piling the kids into the car to go get an ice cream cone just isn't worth it. Even if all there is in the home freezer is vanilla.

There is a third option that not only satisfies the need for immediacy and specificity, but also gives those demanding voices something to do: make the ice cream at home. Or rather, make those darn screaming kids do it.

The Zoku Ice Cream Bowl ($25.95) is a personal treat-making factory. Keep it in the freezer, and when the time comes, pour in ice cream base and let the prechilled bowl do all the work. Well, almost all the work; stirring is required -- which might be worth a few extra minutes of sweet, sweet silence as the kids get to work.