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Zeo sleep tracker goes mobile

Zeo announces that the mobile version of its new Zeo Sleep Manager product line will be available at Best Buy stores by the end of October.

Health and wellness firm Zeo's labeling of sleep problems in America as an "epidemic" might not be hyperbole. Some 64 million of us grapple with sleep issues every night, and another 49 million struggle at least a few nights a week, according to the firm's analysis of U.S. Census data.


Zeo, which first caught our eye in 2005 under the name Axon Labs with an alarm clock called SleepSmart, now offers a highly evolved mobile sleep system that employs a wireless headband to track all known sleep phases, including Light, Deep, and REM sleep.

The Zeo Sleep Manager then sends the resulting sleep data directly to the user's mobile device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and soon Android-based smartphones), which then syncs to the user's online Zeo account, where a ZQ sleep score that summarizes sleep quality is calculated. (It used to be transmitted to an SD card and then had to be manually uploaded.)

Users can set goals to improve this score and customize Zeo's advice by monitoring "sleep stealers" such as caffeine, alcohol, stress, and a poor bedroom environment. The Zeo Sleep Manager continues to include a SmartWake Alarm that sounds when the user is in an optimal point of a sleep cycle so that the user feels more refreshed.

Zeo's Sleep Manager Mobile, which can be preoreded for $99 at, is set to begin selling at Best Buy retail locations nationwide in late October.