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Zap your water clean

The Restore Clean Water System looks like an ordinary filtered water pitcher until you plug it in.

Plug your water in.

At one point having running water in the house was a novelty, even a luxury. Thankfully, indoor plumbing became commonplace, and we all moved along. At some point, simply getting a glass of drinking water from the tap became a reality of the past, as people discovered that filtering water at home usually improved the taste by removing chlorine while at the same time reducing heavy metals and some pollutants. Running water through a carbon filter in turn became commonplace, and as it stands today, many people use or at least know someone who uses a filtered pitcher from which to draw their drinking water on a daily basis.

The Restore Clean Water System improves upon this method of home-filtering with the addition of an incorporated ultraviolet light. UV light has long been known to be an effective method for disinfecting water, and several systems are on the market providing last-step disinfection before the water reaches your drinking glass. What sets the Restore system apart however is the UV light inclusion within a carbon-active filter pitcher.

Not all water is in need of specialized equipment; after all, the EPA does a pretty good job regulating the nation's water supply. (Accidents do happen, as Boston well knows.) Even the product information notes that while UV light is capable of killing practically all bacteria, viruses and microbial cysts, "contaminants mentioned may not be in all users' water." What is comforting to know, though, is that if one does decide to take the extra step, the technology is known to be effective--and now available for the home without affecting the indoor plumbing.