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YuuWaa Go: Flashy cloud-storage USB stick

Hey, reader, check out this USB flash drive! No, come back, it's awesome! It's called the YuuWaa Go and it'll provide a massive of 24GB of storage. Er, sort of

Hey reader, check out this USB flash drive! Wait, come back, it's awesome! Awesome is possibly overstating it, but it's definitely, er, interesting amusing engrossing different. It's called the YuuWaa go and it'll provide a massive of 24GB of storage for £20.

That's sort of a lie. Sorry. The actual USB flash drive only has 4GB of storage. The remaining 20GB comes via a bundled online storage service you can use for free for six months. The idea is you'll be able to access your files anywhere there's a Web-enabled PC. If you can't get near the Internet, there's always the USB flash drive to fall back on.

It sounds pretty cool, but there are drawbacks -- most notably the fact you'll have to pay for the service. The YuuWaa go comes with six months of free cloud storage, but you'll need to pay €1.99 (£1.65) per month thereafter to keep it going. We're not terribly good at maths, but this doesn't seem all that appealing considering Microsoft's SkyDrive service gives you 25GB of storage for the square root of nothing at all.

Still, it's an interesting concept that's fairly well executed. Copying files from your desktop to the cloud is as simple as dragging and dropping, and there are no limits to the size of file you can upload. The YuuWaa go is available from PCWorld for £20, although its site mistakenly says you only get 8GB of online storage. The larger YuuWaa plus, which consists of an 8GB flash drive and 50GB of online storage (also free for six months), will set you back £30.