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You'll flip for this griddle

The Nostalgia Electrics NGD-200 Nonstick Electric Griddle with Drawer Warmer keeps food warm until ready to serve. Well-suited for pancakes, the countertop appliance makes it easy to work in batches.

Hands off until breakfast is ready.
Hands off until breakfast is ready.
Nostalgia Electrics

Some foods in the kitchen require patience to make, but it's not always about delicate operations such as cooking a soufflé. Even relatively sturdy foods at times require us to slow down and take things one step at a time. When it comes to cooking pancakes for a crowd, the griddle can quickly become a crowded landscape with the only option being to work in batches. Though waiting to dig in to a plate of pancakes can be an unwanted exercise in patience, keeping them warm and at the ready is always a good thing.

The Nostalgia Electrics NGD-200 Nonstick Electric Griddle with Drawer Warmer is a pancake-making machine that features an onboard storage area. Of course, since the appliance is a 22.75-inch-by-11.75-inch griddle (with a height of 3 inches), it could be used for so much more than pancakes. The thin holding area that slides out from underneath the cooking plate could also be used as bun-warmer when making hot dogs and hamburgers.

Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, but it can also be the hardest to wait for. As pancakes, bacon, and eggs slowly accumulate to serving proportions, hungry eaters hover around the kitchen. With an enclosed drawer to hold batches of food until ready to serve, the griddle not only keeps food warm, but it also keeps it out of reach of impatient fingers.