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You can watch the Lexus Hoverboard in action August 5

A new teaser video from the company promises you'll see the magnetic-levitation device in action next week.

One of Lexus' testers brings a Slide Hoverboard to a specially designed skate park. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

Lexus is moving forward with its plans to bring us A video posted to the company's YouTube channel Tuesday announces that we'll see the Lexus Slide Hoverboard in action on August 5.

The 18-second teaser clip gives us a few new looks at the hoverboard, leading up to the craft floating across the screen as Lexus reveals it's ready to show off the fully functional magnetic-levitation (maglev) device. The Slide Hoverboard is similar to other maglev boards out there -- most prominently the Hendo Hoverboard -- that use high-powered magnets and semiconductors cooled by liquid nitrogen to give the board its powers of levitation.

Of course, such boards need special metal floors to function. Lexus built an entire metal skatepark outside of Barcelona to test out and show off the Slide. So we're still not any closer to hoverboards that work on any surface.

The Slide is only the latest in a series of hoverboards we've seen recently, including a crazy craft that set the world record for longest hoverboard flight, as well as a "Back to the Future" lookalike that failed to actually hover and this DIY craft pieced together from common yard equipment.

With the Slide, could Lexus be on the path to a future where hoverboards can take us wherever we need to go? Probably not, but at least they'll be likely to put on a good show next Wednesday on the company's YouTube channel.