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You can now use Spotify to control your Sonos speakers

The streaming music app can be used to control the volume on the Wi-Fi speakers, as well as change tracks and create speaker groups.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Spotify users can now use the music-streaming service's app to control Sonos speakers in their home.

Spotify Connect, which has been in public beta for the past month, allows Spotify Premium subscribers to stream music from a tablet or phone to any Sonos Wi-Fi compatible speaker on the network, the streaming service said Tuesday. The feature also lets users control the speakers' volume, skip forward and backward in the track list, and create groups of speakers from within Spotify.

Sonos is the latest service to enable streaming service's proprietary connection protocol after Google Cast support was added in 2015. While Google Cast and Sonos speakers can be grouped among themselves, they can't be grouped together.

Sonos announced at a press conference in August that it would add the feature later this year. The speaker maker also plans to add compatibility with Amazon's Alexa voice control next year.