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You can now use an Apple Watch to control a GoPro camera

The latest iOS app will give you a live preview from the camera and basic controls among other things.


Have an Apple Watch and a GoPro camera with built-in Wi-Fi? Great, you can now get control of your shots straight from your wrist.

The action-camera maker released an iOS app update so you can use your Apple Watch as a viewfinder, start and stop recordings and take photos and switch between capture modes. This is incredibly convenient for when you've mounted the little cameras where you can't easily get at them.

The app can be used to quickly tag sections of your recordings to make editing easier when you're done shooting. And, when you're using the app on your iPhone or iPad, you can shuttle through a video frame by frame to grab a single frame for sharing as a picture. To make sharing easier too, the app now has a filtering option so you can display just your photos, videos, HiLight tags or clips.

GoPro also announced the name of its camera drone coming in 2016: Karma. That's it, though. No pricing, no pictures or 3D renderings and no specs. Nothing. But, if you'd like to win one of 100 GoPro is giving away at launch, just sign up to receive news about Karma on its site.