You can now order a rack-mount Mac Pro for $6,500

There is now a new style for Apple's most expensive and powerful Mac.

The Mac Pro now comes in rack form. 

Looking for a new Mac Pro but would prefer it in a rack as opposed to having it stand or placed on wheels? A new option is here for you. Starting at $6,500, you can now configure a Mac Pro designed for a rack mount. 

The Mac Pro features the same specs and ports as its tower sibling that went on sale last month, including an identical base configuration. The standard tower version of the Pro, however, is a bit cheaper starting at $6,000 but while the stainless steel wheels are still an extra $400 for the standing Pro, Apple is including rack mounting rails with purchase of the new rack Pro. 

Designed for professionals and power users, making a rack option of the Mac Pro makes sense for Apple and allows the computer to better fit into additional locations such as studio editing bays. 

Originally promised to be released in the fall, the new rack Mac Pro is available to order now.