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​You can go Star-Lord or Star Wars with Hasbro's new helmet gear

Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars helmets arriving this fall feel like the real deal for grown-up role play.

Sarah Tew/CNET

If you like wearing things on your head, 2017 is looking like a good year.

Toy Fair is here in New York this weekend, and with it comes a taste of the geek toys of the year. At Hasbro's preview event, the most notable headgear was a Guardians of the Galaxy high-end Star-Lord helmet. It won't be out in time for the next movie, but it might time well for its eventual video release (or your Halloween plans).

It fit on my head like a hockey mask (I had to remove my glasses), but the best part of this mask is it connects to Bluetooth so you can listen to music with it on.


Never go full Star-Lord.

Sarah Tew/CNET

It costs $99 (which converts roughly to £80 and AU$130), which isn't cheap. But it does look impressive. And its eyes light up red.

In a similar vein, Hasbro's newest dress-up addition to the Star Wars line of toys and collectibles is a Poe Dameron Resistance helmet, with a design that feels like it's almost a movie prop. The $80 (roughly £65 and AU$105) helmet fits snugly over my head, with padding and a visor. The helmet also pipes in pre-recorded surround sound effects to make it feel like you're in an X-Wing being beeped at by BB-8. Perfect gear for a midnight screening of "The Last Jedi."


I'm more like Porkins.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Both Star-Lord and Poe Dameron helmets arrive this fall.

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