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Build your own Terminator arm for cheap

A new YouTube DIY show, "Low Budget Prop Shop," shows how to build a replica Terminator arm using common household items and low-priced hardware store finds.

Have you ever wanted to be a badass futuristic cyborg assassin-turned-bodyguard sent from the future to either kill or protect people and help determine the fate of humanity?

While you'll probably never actually become a cyborg, you can at least pretend to be one with this DIY Terminator arm that looks like the one Miles Dyson studies in "Terminator 2: Judgement Day." Best of all, you can make one for yourself for less than $30 (about £20, AU$40).

A new video posted to media company Break's AWE me YouTube channel on Monday shows how to build your very own Terminator arm using stuff you probably already have around the house or can find at the hardware store for cheap.

In the clip, common items like wood dowels, zip ties, plastic water bottles and drinking straws are patched together carefully with screws, bolts and glue to create a makeshift Terminator arm. Once the arm is pieced together, a cheap can of silver spray paint makes it look just like the one from "Terminator 2: Judgement Day."

If you enjoyed this video, clips just like it will be back. The video is the first in AWE me's new "Low Budget Prop Shop" series, which will teach viewers how to build replicas of all sorts of movie props for cheap. The series is hosted by Dustin McLean, creator of the "Homemade Movies" and "The Cutting Room" shows on CineFix, a YouTube channel for movie buffs and filmmakers.

Watch the video above, and go ahead and make the DIY Terminator arm if you're so inspired. Then figure out a way to go back in time to either save or kill Sarah Connor, depending on which "Terminator" movie is your favorite. The latest entrant in the "Terminator" series, "Terminator: Genisys," premiered on July 1 in the US and Australia, and on July 2 in the UK.