Yoke your shopping bags

Rather than dragging around your shopping bags by your fingertips, the Yoke Shopper lets you carry every shopping bag over your shoulder.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
The Yoke Shopper
The Yoke Shopper Yoke Shopper

I can't count how many times I've grabbed a bunch of full shopping bags and wound up with no circulation in my fingers as a result of those plastic handles. Distributing the weight better is the key to avoiding that problem, and the Yoke Shopper seems to have figured it out. This little gadget can fit in a purse or even a pocket, but when you pull it out, you can add an over-the-shoulder strap to any grocery bag. A strap extends that you can hang over your shoulder, while the Yoke Shopper grips the handles of your bags. It doesn't make grocery bags any lighter, unfortunately, but it does shift the weight from your fingertips to your shoulders. The strap retracts when not in use and can be extended to a variety of different lengths for comfortable carrying.

The Yoke Shopper can carry several plastic bags at one time and can grip the handles of most reusable bags. The bag holder acts as a hook you hang your bags on. It locks shut to keep your groceries from getting away. It doesn't hurt that this hands-free set up leaves you able to do anything without juggling your produce. It's priced at approximately $20.