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Yay, stickers

MOO makes the stuff you'd make yourself if you spent all your time operating a giant expensive printer instead of taking photographs.

After I'd finished photographing ducks in my micro studio last weekend, I uploaded some of the photos to Flickr and then transferred them to MOO, to be turned into stickers.

There are lots of sites that turn your photographs into prints, notecards, calendars, stickers, t-shirts, aprons, snowglobes and giant inflatable characters (I may have made up one of those), but MOO is my favourite. It only lets you make notecards, calling cards and stickers, but it does everything so very well.

MOO's Web site is attractive, amusing and easy to use. It pulls in photos from sites like Flickr and LiveJournal, instead of making you upload everything again, and you can specify exactly how they should be cropped. Best of all, MOO makes beautiful stuff -- sturdy, satin-finished cards and glossy vinyl stickers.

Ooh, stickers -- on tidy tear-out sheets in a chunky cardboard cover.

MOO makes the stuff you'd make yourself if you had a giant expensive printer in a shed at the end of your garden -- and it saves you the bother of changing the ink, unjamming the printer, painting the shed and explaining the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh noise to your neighbours.