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Xbox unveils new accessories. Behold the wireless controller in shock blue

New controllers will remain at the $60 starting price.

Xbox Wireless Controller in Shock Blue
The Xbox Wireless Controller in shock blue joins the list of other colors including carbon black and robot white.

Xbox on Monday unveiled its new lineup of accessories ahead of the launch of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on Nov. 10. That includes the Xbox Wireless Controller in shock blue, which features a bold blue top case, black hybrid D-pad and ABXY buttons and white back case.

"Just like the new Xbox Wireless controllers in carbon black and robot white, our new shock blue is optimized for next-gen game play," Xbox said in a release. 

The new controllers "feature a more-inclusive, ergonomic design," the company says. They have textured grip on the bumpers, triggers and back case to help keep players on-target, and a hybrid D-pad allowing for greater precision and access to diagonals and sweeps. A new Share button lets players capture moments directly from the controller. Controllers can be paired to devices including Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Windows 10 PC and mobile devices. Like Xbox's previous controller, they start at $59.99.

Xbox will also release the Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable, which allows players to plug in the rechargeable battery and fully charge a controller in less than four hours either before, after or while playing. It's priced at $24.99. 

The accessories will be available starting Nov. 10. Preorders start Tuesday at 8 a.m. in customers' local time (8 a.m. PT in the US).

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