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Xantrex PowerSource Mobile 100

Mobile power solution

The phrase "More Power Captain" was made famous in the days of Star Trek but alas our ipods, cameras and notebooks never seem to last quite long enough. They often go down at the most inopportune time and we are left craving for more power.

Well there are a few solutions in the market place and my favorite is the Xantrex xPower PowerSource Mobile 100, the name alone is a little Star Trekkie. This is a versatile 100 Watt inverter that will supply power to your mobile device without having to find an outlet. It can provide as much as 2 hours of power for your notebook or 72 hours to your ipod. It comes with an onboard AC outlet and two USB charge ports. After you've exhausted the Xantrex power you can always recharge it via a wall outlet or even a 12 volt power supply from your car.

So if your heading out into the wilderness on your next adventure but you need some back up juice, try the Xantrex xPower for around $129.00 from