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X-wing quadcopter prototype almost ready to destroy the Death Star

Drone modder Olivier C is back with another custom "Star Wars" quadcopter, this time an amazing X-wing that looks to be almost ready to take on the Galactic Empire.

Are you ready, Red Leader? French maker of things Olivier C is back with another one of his RC quadcopter drones with casings customized to make them look like starships and vehicles from a galaxy far, far away.

This time, he's working on a build that will transform his trusty quadcopter into an X-wing starfighter that would be a welcome addition to the Rebel Alliance's fleet. Thus far, the build is just a prototype, lacking the lights and finishing touches we've come to expect from his other builds, but it looks like it's off to a pretty good start. The video shows off a test flight of the prototype in action, and it seems to fly pretty well even after a gust of wind tries to send the ship to the ground in a faraway field.

Check out the test flight video for yourself above. We can't wait to see what the final build will look like when the X-wing is fully armed with laser cannons, lights and a final paint job. Once it's finished, the Rebels on Earth will be well protected should any Death Star try to invade or destroy our planet.