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With a twist, Immerset looks to change pour-over coffee

The Immerset uses a small helical valve to control the flow rate of coffee. The pour-over coffee gadget can be used fully closed or fully opened.

Immerset adds a pause to pour-over coffee.
Immerset adds a pause to pour-over coffee.

Small things can make a big difference. Obviously this is true with coffee. The little bean transforms easily into a robust popular beverage that shows no sign of slowing down. If anything, coffee is gaining steam; new ways to brew the dark elixir of life seem to sprout up every day. Sometimes, like coffee itself, all it takes is a little change to make a big difference.

The Immerset Kickstarter campaign takes two traditional methods for brewing coffee and gives them a twist. Literally. A small, helical valve is the secret to what inventor Chic Kelty thinks will make a big difference in how people enjoy coffee at home or in a café environment. The addition of the valve changes a simple pour-over coffee cone into something more resembling a French press.

Like the difference between one lump or two, change in coffee demands notice. Here, the Immerset takes the steeping nature of a French Press and combines it with the gravity-assisted action of a pour-over cone. Instead of pressing down on the grinds, you let the coffee (or tea) steep and then release the valve.

Designed to range from 100 percent closed to 100 percent open, the valve lets users steep their grind from course to fine (it uses a paper filter) and then have it drip down into a waiting cup at the rate of their preference. The Immerset further distinguishes itself from similar steeping methods by tooling the valve so it is removable and easy to clean, as well as by using a food-grade stainless steel sleeve so that hot water doesn't come in contact with the plastic housing.

Via Gizmag.