Wireless electricity in the kitchen

Powermat technology can power a kitchen counter full of appliances and gadgets.

Abbi Perets
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Abbi Perets

I've never been a fan of cord clutter. I switched to a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard in my office, and I've delighted in the clean look ever since. Cord clutter may be annoying in the office, but it's downright dangerous in the kitchen. The kitchen--that place where I spill, where my kids come barreling through at top speed, where tangled cords are truly an accident waiting to happen.

Cordless technology for the kitchen is a great idea, but one that doesn't get as much press, perhaps, as wireless peripherals for the office. Until now.

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, Powermat debuted its technology in a whole new way. Powermat "brings safe, simple, and efficient wireless electricity to surfaces including walls, tables, floors, and desktops. It is designed to replace the need to access multiple electrical sockets," says the Web site. In other words, you can use this technology to power your electronics in real time, with no cords, no outlets, and no batteries.

Now imagine that your kitchen countertop came with this technology. Tough to envision? Here, watch a video.

The bad news is that the coolest stuff hasn't yet hit the States, but it will, in good time. Wireless electricity. And you can spill on it. It doesn't get much better than this.