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Wine on your time

The EuroCave La Petite Wine Cabinet is a small wine refrigerator that holds 12 bottles of wine--including two open bottles.

A 12-pack ready to enjoy.

Wine is best enjoyed when it is shared among family and friends. However, the wine experience itself can be improved upon simply by having a bottle (or more) at the ready. After all, nobody is going to want to go on a wine run when the fun is just starting. Add to that the fact that chances are the wine will need to be chilled, and suddenly it becomes apparent that a little forethought goes a long way. However, having wine chilled and ready to drink can be bothersome, clumsy, ineffective and most importantly, space-challenged. That is, unless you have a small dedicated appliance for the task.

The EuroCave La Petite Wine Cabinet is a diminutive compressor-driven wine refrigerator. The small chill chest, which measures less than 12 inches across with a depth of about 18 inches and a height of about 32 inches, stands ready no matter the occasion. With two temperature zones, and a capacity for 12 bottles of wine, the wine cabinet keeps the party going whether your guests prefer red wine or white wine.

The small size is definitely a positive feature for this wine storage option, but the best part is that it has the capability to store two open bottles of wine. By extracting oxygen from open bottles, the wine stays good for up to seven days. The system even monitors the seal to ensure the vacuum is preserved. Perfect for wine fans or for those who just enjoy the occasional glass, this dedicated wine refrigerator makes it easy to enjoy wine at the best time: when you're ready to drink it.