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Wine fridge stands bottles on end

Wine may come in conveniently sized bottles, but sometimes those 750 ml can be too much. Especially after the first 750 ml.

Tall corks OK here.
Tall corks OK here.
Summit Appliance

Opening a second bottle of wine takes careful consideration. Not surprisingly, these considerations can be somewhat clouded. We are talking about another bottle of wine, after all. Yet, despite these hesitations that commonly vex oenophiles, the real question isn't whether to open the bottle, but what to do with it after.

The Summit Appliance STC1 Thermoelectric 8-Bottle Wine Cooler stores either open or closed bottles of wine. The impressive display is wider than it is tall, with the tops of bottles exposed, allowing room for corks or other wine sealing solutions. A large front-viewing window and LED lighting add to the ambience. The wine fridge measures less than 30 inches across, about 13 inches deep, and stands (sans bottles) just about 10 inches tall.

Well-suited for use on a sideboard or other nearby flat surface, the compressorless appliance offers quiet vibration-free operation. It has a temperature range of 46 degrees Fahrenheit to 66 degrees Fahrenheit and uses two interior fans to keep air circulating evenly. With room for eight bottles of chilled wine always at the ready, the question becomes less of which bottle to open, but more of which bottles not to open.