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Windows 10 pushing pop-up ad to Chrome users

Microsoft would really like to help with your online shopping and is promoting a browser extension to let you know.

Microsoft pushing Chrome users to install its PSA extension.

Google Chrome users on Windows 10 are apparently being treated to a new experience: a pop-up ad.

The pop-up promoting the software giant's Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA) extension for Chrome appears above the browser's colorful icon when docked on the Windows 1o Task Bar, according to a report on Myce. Pop-ups certainly aren't a new experience for Windows 10 users, but they're typically for system warnings and not ads for its software and services.

"We are always testing new features and information that can help people enhance their Windows 10 experience," said a Microsoft spokesperson about the pop-up ad.

Part of Microsoft's Garage Project, PSA is billed as a "smart shopping cart across the web" that can automatically organize product pages and tip you off to price changes among other things. While many of the Chrome Web Store reviews for the PSA extension are positive, they are joined by a growing list of reviews calling it "adware" and "spam."

Update, 11:07 a.m. PT: Adds comment from Microsoft.