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Make tabletop gaming tastier with this 20-sided-dice cake pan

Dragons and wizards beware of the hungry gamer! Celebrate a d20 critical hit by making mini dice cakes with this pan available exclusively from ThinkGeek.

This cake dice mold is worth all the points! ThinkGeek

Any tabletop game that requires 20-sided dice to battle dragons, trolls and rouge warriors deserves a dessert worthy of a dangerous quest.

Bake edible dice with this d20 Critical Hit Mini Cake Pan from ThinkGeek, available for $12.99, plus shipping and handling. Made from food-safe silicone, it's also safe for the oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer.

The mold makes four 3-inch cakes. Each cavity holds just more than than three-quarters of a cup of batter. ThinkGeek recommends filling the cavity to almost full and tilting the pan to cover all surfaces before placing in the oven.

"They work with any store-bought mix or recipe from scratch, but we suggest something with yeast to take advantage of the mold's unique construction," ThinkGeek said on the product page. "Put the mold on a pan before sticking it in the oven to stabilize it, and bake according to the recipe instructions. Just keep an eye on it while you bake with it the first time in case you need to adjust a bit. Sort of like you'd keep an eye on a new NPC joining the party, in case he or she needs *ahem* adjusting."

ThinkGeek offers a few more baking tips when using d20 mini cake pan.

"Many yeast recipes don't necessitate icing, and that way the mold's numbers may be visible on your final product," ThinkGeek said on its page. "Don't forget to coat the outside of the mold, around the opening, with non-stick spray. Your batter is going to rise as it cooks, and it's much harder to get these out of the pan if the cake is stuck on the top of the mold as well as inside it."