Win a Crave t-shirt!

Impress your family! Dazzle your friends! Write a review of your favourite product or program and you could be strutting your stuff in one of ten exclusive Crave t-shirts

Mary Lojkine
2 min read

Want to strut your stuff in an exclusive Crave t-shirt? Available in one sexy colour (black) and an assortment of great sizes (S, M, L), the Crave t-shirt has the Crave logo emblazoned on the front in white. You can't buy one, and you can't steal one, but you can win one -- simply by writing a review of a product or program.

We have ten t-shirts to give away, and they'll go to the people who submit the best user reviews in the next 30 days (that is, between Tuesday 9 May and Thursday 8 June). You can review a product from the Reviews section of the site, or a program from the Downloads section.

• To review a product, find the relevant review in the Reviews and click on the User Opinions tab. Follow the on-screen instructions to rate the product and then write your review.

• To review a program, find it in the Downloads section. Click the Write Review tab and follow the on-screen instructions.

Rules (rules make it fun for everyone):
1. You've got to be 18 or over and resident in the UK to enter (sorry, we can't afford international postage). All the usual competition rules apply.

2. You have to be a member of CNET.co.uk to write a user review, so you'll have to be a member to win a t-shirt. Go on, register now, it's easy and it's free. And you can sign up for our weekly newsletters at the same time.

3. You can only review products that actually exist. Reviews of forthcoming products such as the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii will be deleted, because we know you haven't played with them yet.

4. The judges will be looking for reviews that offer information and advice for people who are thinking about purchasing the same product or downloading the same program. "This phone sucks," might be a valid opinion, but it isn't a good review. "The buttons are too small and too close together, so you can't dial numbers without looking," is more helpful. Don't just tell us how much you like (or don't like) the product you're reviewing. Convince us you know what you're talking about by explaining why.

5. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are all good things. And if u cn read this, uv bn writing 2 mny txt msgs.

6. You can write as many reviews as you want, but you can only win one t-shirt.

7. The judges' decision is absolutely and utterly final.

Remember, you've got to submit your review by Thursday 8 June to have a chance of winning a Crave t-shirt. -ML