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Williams-Sonoma cranks up the volume with tablet accessories

The Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools Bluetooth Speaker makes cooking along with instructional videos easy. The speaker is part of a matching set that includes a stand and a splash screen.

Cook to the beat of your own drum.
Cook to the beat of your own drum. Williams-Sonoma

It's that time of year again when things are about to get real busy in the kitchen. The holidays usher in an endless stream of grocery bags being hauled into the kitchen, most filled with recognizable favorites of food-to-be. Tradition may dictate turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy to be on the table come dinnertime, but that doesn't mean a soon-to-be classic can't get thrown in the mix.

Watching a cooking video and following along with the steps is a natural use for tablets and mobile devices. The Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools Bluetooth Speaker ($149.95) offers an easy way to keep up while learning some new moves. Part of a set that also consists of a stand and splash screen (everything is also sold separately), the remote speaker can be moved about the kitchen or placed securely underneath the matching stand.

Measuring 2 inches tall with a diameter of 4.75 inches, the 12.5-ounce speaker is designed for the kitchen, but could be used anywhere. It comes with a line-in port for listening to music as well as two USB ports for charging devices. For those times that a cooking video doesn't do the trick, the integrated microphone lets home chefs cook and talk at the same time. It may come in handy for calling home for tips, cooking along with your favorite chef, or just listening to music, but one thing for certain is whether it's old classics or new favorites, they'll never be far away.