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Wi-Fi was created for the sick man

As I sit up here in my germ-ridden crypt of a bed, I realise Wi-Fi is probably the technology most deserving of my gratitude

If Wi-Fi wasn't developed with the sick man in mind, I'd be shocked.

For the last few days I've been confined to my bed with flu. I'm too sick to walk about and too busy shivering to be too far from my quilt. We've all been there, I know. But this is the first time I've been ill in about 18 months, and the first time in my life I've been ill with a Wi-Fi-enabled laptop within reach.

Previously I've said my iPod was the piece of technology I appreciate most. Before that, it was my mobile phone. But as I sit up here in my germ-ridden crypt of a bed, I realise Wi-Fi is probably the most deserving of my gratitude. Although it's difficult to focus on a screen for too long, anyone who can touch-type only needs to look at a screen sporadically.

There was no need for me to crawl downstairs to the phone when I can email every single one of my colleagues with a single click of one hand. Without making myself sick I've been able to tell all 200 of my friends I'm unwell (God bless Facebook) and read their sympathies. Not only that, but I've been able to watch CNET TV, keep my eye on our lovely new forums and have marathon podcast listening sessions.

This may all sound like the ramblings of a man who has just discovered email and the Internet. But for me, despite a decade of Web usage in my past, Web-via-Wi-Fi is taking the top spot on my list of things to not take for granted. That, and Kleenex Balm tissues -- my delicate man nose is silky soft, despite days of heavy blowing, and thanks to Tesco.com, I didn't have to leave my bed for those either.

I love the 21st century.