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Why use a stylus with your tablet?

A stylus might seem like a throwback to the digital-assistant era, but there are some good reasons for packing a stylus to enhance your tablet experience.

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Smartphones and tablets have ushered in the touchscreen revolution. We generally get by without a keyboard on these devices, and our finger does a great job where once we felt like we needed a little pointy stylus to poke at the screen with any accuracy.

The stylus has in large part been relegated to history, but if you look around, you'll see that you can now buy a stylus again to use with your iPad or Android device. Samsung is even launching the new large-screen Galaxy Note smartphone with a stylus!

So, why bother with anything more than your finger? Here are three reasons.


There are nice apps that let you use your tablet like a notepad. Instead of tapping away at a virtual keyboard, you can often take more casual notes — and draw diagrams — if you use a stylus.

Signing documents

If you receive a PDF document that needs to be signed and returned, using a stylus can make it all happen easily right there on the tablet. Just add a good PDF app that allows for writing on PDFs, or adding a digital signature.


From sketching to full-blown painting, tablets offer many apps for artists, and having the precision of a stylus can let you take your tablet art to new heights of detail and design.

So don't write off the stylus just yet. Your finger is just fine, but consider packing a stylus if any of these ideas sound like something you'd like to try out.