Who has the UK's cheapest unlimited broadband?

Orange reckons it's got the cheapest UK unlimited phone and broadband deals, but is that true? We go deal hunting.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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Orange recently laid claim to having the cheapest unlimited home broadband and calls package in the UK. But is it telling porkies? Let's take a look.

Orange's newest deal, which is called Simply Broadband, bags you up to 20Mbps download speed on a 12-month contract, with no download limit, all for £12.75 per month.

For an extra fiver you can get off-peak calls thrown in for good measure, taking you up to a grand total of £17.75. We suspect most people will be more interested in the broadband, using their mobiles or online services like Skype to handle calls.

Sky, meanwhile, gives you the same 20Mbps unlimited deal, but while it only charges an additional £5 per month for the phone, after six months that charge goes up to £10.

With £12.25 per month line rental on top, that makes for a deal that's 50p per month cheaper than Orange, but only for the first six months. Then, at a grand total of £22.25 per month it's more expensive than what the citrus-hued provider can deliver.

Virgin Media offers unlimited 10Mbps broadband and unlimited weekend UK landline calls for £5 for the first three months, but after that the price goes up to £13.50 per month, and there's £13.90 per month line rental to consider too. Not to mention the broadband and phone offer is an 18-month minimum contract.

Plusnet has a decent sale going for the next 25 days, but it's not unlimited. Still, if you don't think you'll be downloading all that much, you can get 10GB of monthly Internet and phone for £3.24, plus £11.99 per month line rental, totalling £15.23.

So it looks like Orange is cheapest for unlimited broadband at the moment -- a claim backed up by wonga-retention masters MoneySavingExpert. But have you spotted a better deal either for unlimited broadband or for unlimited broadband with a phone package? Let us know in the comments section below, or on our Facebook page.