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Whirlpool fabric freshener takes the ire out of ironing

This fabric freshener steams out wrinkles and odors in just over 30 minutes.

Steamy fresh. Whirlpool

I know I talk about laundry a lot, but let's face it: I do a lot of laundry. Probably close to 20 loads a week. So it's on my mind pretty much all the time. (Why, yes, I am a terribly fascinating person!)

My children don't help to reduce the amount of laundry in the house--in fact, they add to it by leaving clean clothes crumpled in a heap on the floor. By the time I get to the pile, it's a wrinkled mess. So, to the machine it goes, even though it would ideally be freshened and put away properly.

And my husband? Well, he seems to think that dress shirts should live on doorknobs and towel hooks. And then, in a panic, he takes all his dress shirts to the dry cleaners and pays extra for rush service. Good times.

The Whirlpool Fabric Freshener provides a potential solution. It looks like an oversize garment bag with a cord attached. Plug it in, add the proper amount of water, and press a button. The freshener removes odors, relaxes wrinkles, and dries delicates--in about half an hour. No more last-minute dry cleaning runs, and no need to run a wash just to freshen clothes that spent too much time on the closet floor.

I've seen products that do this before, but they're generally much less portable and much more expensive. This one could ostensibly be packed to take with you on a business trip--and it costs just over $200. If you're spending $10 a week at the dry cleaners just to avoid pressing your shirts, you could rack up some serious savings.