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Where to cook: Al fresco or in casa?

Mobile induction cooking unit by Pyrolave, the Nomad-Cook, promises convenience and portability in one stylish unit.

Mobile induction cooking unit by Pyrolave, the Nomad-Cook.
Denali Design

Inside or out? That's the question millions of Americans will be asking themselves as they head to the voting booth next month. Not what candidate to vote for, but where they want to cook their dinner that night. For far too many Americans the choice does not exist. Families across this great nation are confined to cooking inside their own kitchens, whether they want to or not. Well, no longer! Cast your vote for this Nomad-Cook mobile-induction cooking unit and you'll be able to take your mealtime wherever you want.

Stylishly clad with glazed lava stone and available in new colors for 2008, the Nomad-Cook from Pyrolave blends elegance with portability. A retractable control panel and pivoting side shelf help to define the smooth design. The cooking itself is done by induction technology, so there are no open flames or hot burners to get in the way. Since the cooking is done by actually heating the pan instead of burning fuel, the unit is safe to use indoors or out.

Portability is further enhanced by the use of five casters, and a long, 10-meter electric cord. Simply roll your Nomad-Cook to where you desire, and plug it in.

Now if you could only decide on what to actually cook on it.

(Via Born Rich)