Where squeaky clean meets heavy metal

Stainless steel soap removes smell of onions and garlic from your hands

MoMA Store

Sometimes we pick gadgets for our kitchens because we really need them, and sometimes (at least in my case) we're intrigued by a gadget just because it looks cool. The latter case inspires several of the items that end up as posts here at Appliances and Kitchen Gadgets, the latest addition coming from the MoMA design store. This pretty stainless steel bar plays the matching game perfectly with some of the top-end stainless appliances that are ever-so-popular in sparkly new kitchens.

Apparently, it ends up being a practical addition to boot. This "soap" bar is meant to remove smells from your hands. According to instructions, rubbing the metal soap under cold running water will nix fish, onion, garlic, and other stenches.

If you're skeptical about a metal bar of soap, then you're not alone. I've grown up using parsley and lemon to make my pinchers smell pretty after a night of cooking Italian food. But, according to several online forums, bars of soap like this really do work (so do spoons, apparently, but they don't look nearly as nice). How it works is still up for debate, although speculates that it has something to do with the formation of bond between metals in stainless steel with odor-causing compounds in onions and garlic like amino acid sulfoxides.

And if it doesn't work, at least you have a very nice decorative paperweight.