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What has Apple got stuffed up the happy pipe?

Can you handle the pressure? Apple is set to launch a bunch of new products later today, but the event is shrouded in secrecy. In the meantime, we've got all the speculation you could need...

News journalists and international fashion correspondents beat their info-sticks on the piñata that is Apple PR, begging for any news on what Big White is going to unleash later today. The Internet is straining at its seams with rumours -- here's our exclusive lowdown on what Apple may have in store for us.

Touchscreen iPod

There's been talk of this for a while. Apple has filed several patents which suggest it may be working on a touchscreen device (artist's impression pictured) to stay well ahead of the competition in the MP3 player market. Pundits speculate that the device will measure the same size as the current iPod video, but with a screen that fills the entire surface of the unit, offering a massive, yet pocketable, movie player.

Mac Mini media centre
Apple has quietly watched Microsoft foul attempts to crowbar PCs into the living room. The noisy, fan-laden, power-guzzling ways of Media Center PCs have failed to inspire many consumers. Could a Mac Mini equipped with some kind of PVR functionality show Gates how it's done? There are even rumours that Apple may couple a Mac Mini media centre with an iTunes-style HDTV service, completely undermining the Blu-ray/HD DVD war.

iBook Thin

Details on this are scarce, but some observers believe that Apple may be set to launch a super-thin iBook that would make current laptops look as lardy as Brando in his later days.

Aperture 1.1
It's expected that Apple will update its new photo-management and retouching software, Aperture. This is an impressive bit of kit that lets professional photographers emulate the traditional darkroom and lightbox. The first revision was derided for poor RAW output, but Apple may have this nailed now.

We'll keep you updated on events as information becomes available to us. While you're waiting to find out what's going on, check out these fantastic design ideas. -CS